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GHT Type Low-Voltage Withdrawable Switch Cabinet


I. Foreword
The GHT type low-voltage withdrawable switch cabinet is a new-style indoor hybrid low-voltage distribution equipment developed by Tianjin Research Institute of Electric Drive in combination with Suzhou Zhongxin Electrical Assemblies Company, Changshu Switchgear Company, Jiangsu Aohua Central Plant of Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Nanyin Electric Appliance Equipment Factory, Changshu Wuai Wiring Co., Ltd., Fuzhou Second Switch Factory, Fujian Xianxing Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. and Harbin Switch Co., Ltd. (original Harbin Switch Factory) on the basis of GCK1A low-voltage withdrawable switch cabinet. The product is applied to the power, lighting and heating and electric energy transformation, distribution and control of the middle and low-voltage distribution system in power plants, transformer stations, petroleum and chemical industries, industrial and mining enterprises and high rise buildings.

General Description
The GHT low-voltage withdrawable switch cabinet is made entirely in China. It is economical low-voltage complete switchgear and control equipment that has passed the type test.
It is applied to the power grids of all levels with current below 3150A.
Act as a power center and main distribution equipment
Act as a motor control center
Act as a distribution equipment
Act as a reactive power compensation equipment

III. Technical data

Standard & Technical Field

Low-voltage complete switchgear through power type test



Equipment and control equipment (TTA)



Crust degree of protection



Rated impulse withstand voltage (Ump)



Installation category


Class of pollution



Power frequency withstand voltage 1min


Rated operational voltage Ui480V 690V


Nominal insulation voltage Ue800V


Horizontal bus


Rated current

1000 1600 2000 2500 3150


Rated short-time withstand current 1cwKA

30 50 80


Rated peak withstand current 1pkKA

63 105 176

Vertical bus


Rated current A

630 800 1000 1250


Rated short-time withstand current

30 50 80


Rated peak withstand current 1pkKA

63 105176

Rated value of components


Primary contact socket connector A of drawer unit

100 250 400 630


Contact socket connector A in the ancillary circuit of drawer unit



Dynamic reactive power compensation cabinet


Compensation power Kvar



Motor soft start and control


Power KW


Crust degree of protection



IV. Characteristics
The cabinets of all types (incoming cabinet, feeder cabinet, reactive power compensation cabinet and soft start control cabinet) may be connected with the same horizontal bus.
The modular structure of cabinets and drawer units can be configured and combined flexibly and simply.
The drawer units are assembled by the parts injected and moulded with fire retardant engineering plastics for the sake of dimensional precision of drawer units.
The fixed installation and drawer type mixing installation are simultaneously realized in one cabinet.
Both the vertical bus and horizontal bus and two phases of horizontal bus are connected by means of special pressing blocks. The horizontal bus needs no drilling, but is mounted conveniently on site.
The conceptual design adopts CW1 type air circuit breaker; all the CM1Z molded case circuit breakers are intelligent breakers. The JKLD2 type controller in the dynamic reactive compensation cabinet and the control unit in the soft start control cabinet both have functions of fault self-diagnosis and communication. Thus, the entire distribution may be monitored conveniently.

V. Ordering Instructions
The purchaser should supply the following technical information for ordering.
Number of main wiring scheme and single wire system diagram, array diagram and layout plan.
Schematic diagram of secondary circuit wiring, terminal array diagram; refer to manufactory¨s compilation in case of no terminal array diagram.
The type, specification and quantity of electric components in the switch cabinet
Specification and material quality of main bus
Provide the sizes of span and height of bus bridge (if needed)
The switch cabinet used in special environmental conditions should be advanced in the course of ordering.
The types and quantity of other accessories and spare parts (if needed) should be specified.

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