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Founded in 1958, Harbin Switch Co., Ltd., ¡°formerly known as (Harbin Switch Factory)¡±, is among the first batch of ¡°high and low-voltage switch cabinet manufacturing enterprises¡± appointed by the two ministries and is also one of the first 8 enterprises in China that obtained a high-pressure production license. Restructured into a ¡°stock¡± one in 1998, the company was renamed ¡°Harbin Switch Co., Ltd.¡± affiliated to Coslight Group, and part of its shares was successfully listed on Hong Kong Main Board with the Group in 1998.

The company is located in Harbin City, covers an area of 11,700 square meters, with construction area of 8,880 square meters, owns nearly 100 million yuan of fixed assets, and sets up sheet metal, painting, assembly, machining, injection molding, tooling and rivet welding workshops and departments. It is staffed with 368 employees, including 45 various professional technical and management personnel and 22 with high or intermediate technical titles. It has widely used computer management and CAD design, established a perfect quality assurance system and good after-sales service group, and passed the ISO9002 quality system certification in 2000.

From 1998 to 2000, the company invested nearly 40 million yuan to purchase Japanese Amada, Belgium LVD and three sets of domestic CNC punching, shearing and folding equipment, set up a new electrostatic spraying line and a high pressure and box-type substation spraying room. These production testing devices with advanced level of 1990s provide a reliable process safeguard for the manufacture of first-class products. In addition, the company has a variety of complete and advanced testing devices and assembly machines.

With strong technical strength, the company has set up Product R&D Department and often conducts wide technological cooperation and exchanges with various industries and sectors. In 1999, it cooperated with Tianjin Institute of Electric Drive to develop the GHT low-voltage draw-out switch cabinet, which has won concerted acclaims from the vast number of users upon the launch. In addition, in 2000, it successively introduced ABB and Siemens technologies to produce GZS1-12 and KYN18 series mid-set type switch cabinets and ABB-technology-based MNS series low-voltage drawer-type switch cabinets. Currently, the products mentioned above are mainstream products in the power industry, which has been quite widely used and has achieved good social and economic benefits.

Our products have a full range of models and are sold all over the country. We provide products for Daqing Oilfield, JISCO Group, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Changchun FAW, Hafei Group and Harbin Power Plant, Thermal Power Plant and other users all the year round. In addition, in 2000 we also provided products and services for large key projects such as Substation of Heilongjiang Provincial Government, Zhongshan Wal-Mart and Wenchang Wastewater Treatment Plant, etc.

¡°Providing quality products, offering premium services, establishing a beautiful image and creating excellent performance¡± is our operation purpose. We consider customer services as important as precise product manufacturing. In the new century, with the strong support from Group and the help from friends, the company will go forward toward the higher and further goal.

Coslight Group Harbin Switch Co., Ltd
Address: No. 68, Dianlan Street, Xuefu Road, Nangang District, Harbin City
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