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GZD-W Type Computer Monitoring DC Panel


I. General Description
GZD-W series of computer monitoring DC panel system is the up-to-date series of products elaborately developed by the company by means of advanced computer technology and modern control theories in combination with the essence of domestic and foreign products in the same trade and according to the practical conditions of electric system. It is in keeping with the latest demand of transformer station without operator in charge.
The system is used as a DC source in the large, medium and small power plants, transformer stations and as well the substations and distribution stations of industrial and mining enterprises and public institutions. It is capable of power failure protection and meeting the demand of power consumption for the operation and control of automatic devices, and emergency lighting and communication and as well switching on and off of other DC operating mechanisms under conditions of normal operation and emergency. It is able to supply reliable and stable DC source for the safe operation of electric system. It is particularly applicable to and has been widely used in the transformer substations without operator in charge.

II. Operating conditions
1. Altitude is not more than 2000m.
2. Relative humidity of ambient air is not more than 90% (equivalent to the ambient temperature at 20≧).
3. No electric conduction, no explosive dust, no gas that corrodes metal and damages insulation and no disturbance of strong electromagnetic field.
4. There is no violent vibration and impact, and vertical inclination is not more than 5≧.
5. The continuous fluctuation range of amplitude of AC voltage shall be between -10% and +10%.
6. The fluctuation range of AC grid frequency is not more than 2%.
7. It should be used indoor with favorable ventilation;
8. In the event that the product is not used under the special conditions above, the user should advance it for ordering and conclude an agreement with our company so as to meet the technical requirements and as well stable and reliable working performance of product.

III. Overall Dimension
Charging panel: height *width *depth 2200*800*600 (recommended dimensions);
Feeder panel: height *width *depth 2200*800*600 (recommended dimensions);
The size of accumulator may be determined according to purchaser¨s requirement and the capacity of the selected storage battery.

IV. Type & Meaning

V. Main Technical Indicators
1、Rated AC input voltage: 380\10%, three-phase
3、Rated DC output voltage110V、220V
4、Rated DC output current10、20、30、40、50、60、80、100、160、200、300A
5、Scope of application of lead-acid battery50、100、200、300、400、500、600、800、1000、1600、2000、3000Ah
6、Scope of application of nickel-cadmium cell4、8、10、20、40、65、75、100、150、220、300 Ah
7、Range of automatic voltage regulation: 90-130% of rated DC output voltage (allowing the variation range of current to be 0-100% of rated output current)
8、Precision of voltage stabilization此棔1%
9、Range of automatic current stabilization: 3-100% of rated DC output voltage (allowing the variation range of voltage to be 90-130% of rated output voltage)
10、Precision of current stabilization此棔2% Ripple coefficient此棔2%
11、Insulation resistance (between the control bus and ground and as well between the power bus and ground) is not less than 10M此10M
12、Noise is not more than 60dB此60dB

VI. Ordering Instructions
Specify the occasion and purpose of the equipment to be used;
Specify the name, type and specification of equipment for ordering;
Specify the rated voltage of equipment, and type, capacity and quantity of storage battery for ordering;
In the case of special environment of using and other technical requirements, please negotiate and sign a technical agreement with the technical department of the company

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