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Harbin Switch Co., Ltd. considers customer services as important as precise product manufacturing, and regards customer services as the best opportunity to conduct field exchanges with customers, improve the practicability and reliability of products as well as the installation and use convenience to the users at all levels.
Our company hereby gives solemn commitments:
1. Warmly accept and answer any consultation and inspection of the customer on product and enterprise situations before the conclusion of the contract; do give satisfactory answers in a timely manner.
2. Provide active on-site services to customers and design departments; hold product promotion conferences, present product samples and offer cooperative designs, etc.
3. After the conclusion of the contract, cooperate with the design department and construction unit to address product electrical, structural and civil engineering drawings and related technical problems in accordance with the requirements of customers.
4. In the production process, invite the user to send a residential supervisor representative; actively coordinate any technical objection until achieving user satisfaction.
5. Before the delivery of the products, invite the user to the company to inspect and accept the products; provide the user with related product operation and maintenance trainings; provide the trainees with equipment, field, materials and accommodation, etc. free of charge.
6. Carry out ^four guarantees ̄ and ^three assurances ̄ in respect of product quality, namely, return guarantee, replacement guarantee, repair guarantee and loss guarantee, as well as quality assurance, quantity assurance and time assurance.
7. Service period of ^four guarantees ̄ in respect of product quality is two years, accompanied with ten years of free repair. After the two-year warranty period, charge the cost of components only and never charge the labor cost.
8. During the installation of the equipment, our company will send personnel to the field to give cooperation and guidance until the power transmission and handover the equipment.
9. If there is any quality problem, our company will respond within 2 hours, and our service personnel will arrive the scene within 20 hours (arrive the accident scene within 2 hours for urban districts) to solve the problem in a fastest manner.
10. Set up a user archive for the sold products; pay regular visits to the users to learn the running situation of the products and request opinions from the users; and fill out user return visit reports.

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