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XB Series Box Type Transformer Substation


I. Purpose
The XB series transformer substations are used as independent complete transformer and distribution equipment with rated capacity 50-1600KV in the AC 50HZ and 6-10KV in the network circuit. It is applicable to high-rise buildings, residence communities, factories and mines, hotels, hospitals, parks, airports, docks, emporium, railway and temporary facilities etc and other indoor and outdoor places. In addition, it may be used in distribution system with ring network, or for power supply of radial power grid.

II. Operating Environment
1. Altitude is not more than 1000m.
2. Temperature of ambient air is not more than +40≧but not less than -25≧.
3. Outdoor wind speed is not more than 35m/s.
4. Relative humidity is not more than 95% (daily average value) and not more than 90% (monthly average value).
5. Installation site: installed in the places without fire, explosion hazard, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and violent vibration.

III. Type & Meaning

IV. Design Features of Product
1. The crust is designed in combination with foreign advanced technology according to practical conditions. It is characterized by fastness, insulation, favorable air permeability, dust and beastie prevention, moisture protection, beautiful configuration and convenient maintenance etc. There are diversified crusts, made of aluminum alloy sheet and steel plate etc for purchaser¨s choice.
2. The vacuum load switch or vacuum circuit breaker is generally used at the high side to prevent misoperation. Either the oil immersed transformer or dry type transformer may be applied. The latest plastic housing automatic air switch is used at the low side. It has a great breaking capability and a favorable protection property.
3. The transformer substation has a perfect protection property and convenient operation. The high and low-voltage measurements are available. The purchaser may choose the automatic reactive power compensation equipment if need to be.
4. The transformer substation is equipped with exhaust devices to meet demand of high temperature areas. The electric heating device may be mounted additionally (if needed) to meet requirement of highly code and humid areas.

V. Structure & Configuration
1. The framework of the transformer substation is made of beam channel and angle steel. It is characterized by the high mechanical strength, smooth and flat surface and elegant appearance.
2. The transformer substation is divided into many independent chambers, where there are diversified internal forms according to the internal arrangement.
3. The top cover is a double skin construction for fear of temperature rise owing to heat radiation.
4. An exhaust fan is mounted on the top of the transformer chamber for the purpose of reducing room temperature by means of transformer temperature control and enhancement of air convection.
5. The lighting installations are mounted in the transformer chamber, and low and high-voltage chambers for the convenience of monitoring and maintenance.
6. The connecting portion of substation rotating is sealed with rubber tape, which has a favorable moistureproof capability.
7. The high voltage chamber is equipped with a HXGN -12 type high-voltage clad ring main unit, in which contains a vacuum load switch (or breaker if required), a fuse, a lightning rod, an earthing switch and a mechanical interlocking device. A voltage transformer and a meter may be mounted in the case of high voltage measurement.
8. Any type of low-voltage switch cabinet may be applied in the low voltage chamber according to demand.

VI. Ordering Instructions
The purchaser should supply the following requirements.
Type of transformer substation
Type and capacity of transformer
According to wiring schemes of high and low voltage chambers, types and parameters of electric components shall be determined.
Color of crust
Please purchasers negotiate face to face with us at the time of ordering if there are other requirements.

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