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Yanbian Coslight Storage Battery Co., Ltd. is a professional lead-acid traction battery manufacturer wholly invested by Coslight Group. It has cooperated with China FAW Group Corp, FAW-VW Automobile Co., Ltd., FAW Harbin Light Automobile Factory, FAW Changchun Light Automobile Factory, Hafei Automobile Factory, Tianjin John Deere Tiantuo Co., Ltd. and other automobile engine factories to produce medium and light trucks, autos, tractors and various other automobile equipments. The products are well sold in more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and also exported to Russia, etc.

The company is in possession of the advanced production equipments and high-precision inspection and measurement devices introduced from UK, USA, Germany, Japan, Austria and other countries. At present, the company mainly manufactures traction batteries, sealed maintenance-free batteries, batteries for vessels, wind storage batteries. Its annual output can reach 400,000 KVAh.

The company is located at No.26, Henan Road, Mingyue Town, Antu County, Jilin Province, covering a land area of 50,000 sq.m and construction area of 20,000 sq.m. Up to now, it has accumulated a total fixed asset of over RMB 2,000,000 by means of reconstruction and investment. Right now, it has 300 staff and 33 engineering technicians.

Its main products are automobile traction batteries, energy storage batteries and valve-regulated sealed battery for communications. As for the automobile traction battery, it is principally provided to China FAW Group Corp. for its various automobiles. Meanwhile, it is also open to the other automobile users in the society for battery replacement. While, the energy storage battery is specially used for the equipments with wind generator system and solar power system in Western five provinces and regions where there is no electricity.

Since the reconstruction in 2005, the company has been upholding the operation policy of ¡°improving the product quality while lowering the production cost with strict management as its core, and seizing the market for development¡±. By taking technology innovation and transformation as its driving force, the company fully develops its staff¡¯s potentialities and constantly adopts new technology and crafts. In the aspect of product quality and production cost, it depends on stable improvement of product quality and overall efficiency for company survival and development.

In order to further establish and perfect the company¡¯s quality guarantee system and improve its guarantee ability, the company has implemented ISO9000 standard under the guide of quality policy of ¡°first-class technical level, excellent service, better and eternally exceeding quality¡±. Based on ISO9002 quality guarantee system and VDA6.1-1998/ISO9001-2000 standard, it has established company quality guarantee system. Besides, in January 2002, the company passed ISO9001/VDA6.1 quality system certificate verified by TUV Rheinland Company.

To meet the market demand both at home and abroad, the company has constantly developed new products with international advanced technologies. Presently£¬it has the capacity to produce all kinds of lead-acid batteries according to the standards of IEC, DIN, JIS, SAE and other famous foreign automobile factories and enterprises.
Address: No.26, Henan Road, Mingyue Town, Antu County, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province
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