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   Zhuhai Coslight Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., from the initial 100 employees to the current 800 staff, has formed a technical support team with rapid response to customers. It constantly improves its developing ability and now the management structure has begun to take shape. There always exists a feeling of great passion and power for work from the staffs as well as the infinite pursuit for the company and their own ambitions which enable them to survive in this industry with extremely severe competitions and achieve brilliant success in the line. It is the audacious self-challenging spirit, the high sensitivity and flexibility for the transitory market opportunities, the caring for workers and the efforts to create a positive working atmosphere, that make today¨s achievements. All these are the important embodiment of the corporate culture of Zhuhai Coslight Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

  The leaders of the enterprise are visionary and have strong appeals, which promote information to be transferred and shared freely within the company. And the staffs are highly responsible, honest and sincere, audacious for innovation and ready to deal with emergency so as to form a collaborative working team with the sound spirit of teamwork and mutual help. Based on the above deep understanding of the industry trend, the company has paid attention to overall innovation from the start of foundation and tried to create an utterly new cultural atmosphere. To meet the cultural demand of the staff, the company has invested and set up library, reading room, Pingpong Room, Billiards Room, TV Room and etc, and regularly organizes entertainment and sports activities. At the same time, under the subject of company production works, it regularly holds training lectures about safety production and professional business knowledge to cultivate noble morality and character of the employees.

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